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get an edge by reading these books


  • In the ever-changing landscape of today's business world, organisations and entrepreneurs are constantly in pursuit of creative strategies to enhance their sales and secure a competitive advantage.

    This book looks at 10 ways to apply AI in your business. Learn about AI before its too late!


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on that Job Offer

Dont Swipe Right on that Job Offer

Dekan Academy is focused on increasing your wealth to achieve financial freedom.

A fundamental strategy is to move away from working at a JOB - it stands for Just Over Broke! So what should your strategy be?  This book describes an alternative strategy.



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    Price Strategy

    Book on Product Price Strategy

    The ONE simple price strategy that actually increases, not just your sales, but your business profit.

    Price is one of the many Ps of Marketing. Its an art and a science. There are many variables to setting a price. This book takes you through ONE key approach that really works.



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Website Traffic Book

    Website Traffic

    Every business need sales to keep going. Getting buyer traffic to your website is a first step. This guide shows 10 key ways to get traffic to your website that you can implement.



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Book on Decisions

    Decisions: Master
    Confident Choice

    Currently being hammered out. Its based on scholarly research and experience of making all sorts of decisions relating to careers, personal, financial, and advising clients.



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Book on Setting Priorties

    The Priority Principle

    Currently being hammered out... The Priority Principle: Deciding, Doing, and Dominating Your Day to get it done.



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