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Dekan Academy

financial freedom starts with education

Open Minds

WADI Blueprint

by Carl Cochrane


Most of us were taught to get educated then get a job. The reality is, this will not make you financially free. Do you have an open mind to learn a different approach? We have developed a blueprint called WADI.... It has been created to provide you with a new career path with a set of principles that will take you to financial freedom. 

Open Minds

Business Optimisation for Exit

Is your business running at an optimised level?  Building and running a business is fun, liberating but comes with challenges. What you may not be considering is selling it. Why would you? Selling a business creates more wealth than actually running a business! The first step is to optimise your business so it generates maximum profit while taking care of your customers. Even if you decide not to sell your business, after optimisation it it will be more valuable and throw off more cash for the owners. Its a bit like owning bricks and mortar property. You can do up a property but decide to keep it or flip-it for profit. Many 'levers' exist to pull to optimise your business. Based on a background in hi-tech engineering and business, our focus is to leverage technology. 

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The Aim of Our Courses...

Money is often a taboo subject for many people. It can almost an embarrassment for some. Understanding money is a great start to becoming richer. Our courses aim to lay the foundations and progress you to more advanced subjects that aim to set you free.

For other's, working for a boss is not their long term goal. It's all fine of course when starting out and to learn the ropes of certain industries and professions. Generally your boss won't make you rich plus has no intention of doing so either!

That's why JOB often stands for Just Over Broke!  

The training courses at Dekan Academy aim to educate those who are really interested and motivated to reach financial freedom.

  • Learn at your own pace

  • Take your own time to go through our courses. It doesn't matter if it takes you a day or a month, you can go as fast or as paced as you need.

  • Learn from experts

  • All our instructors have tested, and implemented everything they teach you in here, so that you're confident that everything you learn are proven tactics.

  • Wealth community

  • When you join our membership, you'll get access to a private community where you'll be able to connect with like minded people with the same aims to accelerate your learning.

  • Content available 24/7

  • It doesn't matter where you are, or what day or time it is. You'll always have access to your training modules 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year.

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